2012/02/09 Buxify V2 啟動了!

別忘記登錄後 請先 重新啟動帳號喔!~

新系統已經支援 AlertPay 跟 Paypal付款方式了喔!

Buxify News 2012-02-08 Hello All,

We are finally ready to re-start, 
 is finished click here to see it!

 is preloaded with the accounts of buxify.com (however you have to verify your mail again) so just click on the link and login..

As said 
 start from zero, only the direct referrals are still in the system.

  is a complete new site with a new script and you can use it without any further passage(I mean, nothing to click as per Buxjunction) no choise to make except if you want to use it or not.

 you will find Alertpay and the Paypal option too.

We will be back on the new features on the next week.

Following how we decide to handle Buxify.com:

- Starting from next Friday we will check manually all the upgraded accounts in Buxify.com
- Once checked You will be able to cashout a percentage of your Daily Sharing Dividends at time, as some of you have already experienced in buxjunction.

You will be able to cashout all the acquired dividends, the following part of the news is related to the last upgrade not to the dividends. 

Based on the Join Date and on the ROI achieved, we will fix all the upgraded accounts on Buxify.com, as usual we will try to be as much fair as we can in this difficult situation (there are many options we will apply the best one case by case).

We can say that who is in profit of the 110% will be considered already fixed (the only exception could be if the amount spent on referrals is not largely recovered).

All those issues will be fixed via Support.

Let me underline that YOU HAVE TO FEEL FREE TO USE THE NEW SITE OR NOT, we will not penalize who decide not to use 

James and the Buxify Team

You Do ,You Believe and You Get~  敢想、敢要、敢的到
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