- BuxifY將於1月底重新開幕!
 - BuxifY2 會在1/23日開啟
 - 在1/23~1/29之間必須確認你在BuxifY2的資料

所以,將會透過 啟動確認 方式讓會員確認資料 (下週開始)
並且將移除Alertpay的付款方式,進而增加 Paypal付款機制(目前正在積極協商簽訂中)


Buxify News 2012-01-14

Hello again,

we have realized that Moving all the data to the new site is not possible as the new script will not recognize part of them and on our simulations is crashing everytime.

We have no options on that so Buxify 2 must start from zero.

On the other hand, we have to handle manually a lot of things as starting from scratch for all is not fair. In order to understand why please try thinking about who is not in profit on Buxify, for example..

In order to start well with all the things in place and working perfectly should require us at least a couple of weeks; following the new timeline:

- Buxify.com will be re-opened within the end of January.
- Buxify 2 will be opened (without the upgrade option) on 23rd
- You will be required to confirm your data from 23rd to 29th of January on Buxify2

To speed up the process, you will be required to confirm your buxify account by verifying again your e-mail starting from next Monday; this means that we will process first the verified accounts then the other ones.

Probably, we will remove (or limit) the Alertpay option adding again Paypal as payment processor but we need to sign a new agreement with PP hopefully during the next week.

James and the Buxify Team

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